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Tales of the Multiverse: Batman Vampire
Tales of the Multiverse: Batman Vampire
Año: 2008
DC Comics
Doug Moench / Kelley Jones
TOMO, 288 págs.
TALES OF THE MULTIVERSE is a new series of titles collecting stories of familiar heroes reimagined in startling ways. This inaugural volume collects the dark tales originally presented in BATMAN/DRACULA: RED RAIN, BATMAN: BLOODSTORM and BATMAN: CRIMSON MIST, written by Doug Moench with macabre art by Kelley Jones. The legendary horror known as Dracula has descended upon Gotham City - and he's brought his deadly children of the night with him. Now, it's up to Batman to stop the Lord of the Undead's assault on his city - but after being bitten by Dracula, Batman himself joins the ranks of the undead. Will Batman be an even greater threat to the citizens of Gotham City than Dracula?
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